Racial Terror in America: A History in Three Acts

Dir. Joe Brewster, Michèle Stephenson


The lives of all Americans have been profoundly shaped by the era of slavery, the racial terror that continued from the end of Reconstruction until World War II, to the era of Jim Crow and racial apartheid that produced the civil rights movement, and now the era of mass incarceration. Too often we have appropriately celebrated black achievement and triumph in the face of these obstacles without exploring the very difficult reality of racial inequality and subordination. Our partner, the Equal Justice Initiative, believes a deeper understanding of this history is necessary for us to achieve truth and reconciliation across races that overcoming historic injustice requires.

Racial Terror in America: A History in Three Acts describes how our present day lived experiences of racial violence and terror are the current manifestation of a long history of white racial oppression that dates back to slavery and continues to adapt itself to different opposing historical social pressures leaving fundamental structures the same. Our trilogy will include character-driven visual short stories for platforms such as the New Times Op-Docs, Conde Nast or POV Digital, as well as a more immersive interactive experience that explores elements of AR and large installation exhibition experiences. These multiple-platforms will allow the deeply personal stories to reach a variety of communities where they are at, both physically, intellectually and emotionally. The mission is to engage communities seeking racial healing and social change on an individual and community level.


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