Our Mission

Back in 2006, Rada Studio began as a partnership between husband and wife team Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson with a mission: To create compelling visual stories that provoke thought about the complex multicultural world we exist in.

This commitment was made ​before the creation of the company. “Our work is an expression of our own personal mission to use visual storytelling to better understand our experiences as people of color navigating American society.” Trying to balance family life with their artistic passions during the intervening years leading up to the creation of the Rada Studio, Michèle and Joe produced narrative films, documentaries and new media that challenge and inspire audiences across the world to think critically about their own place and roles in society.

Brewster and Stephenson’s approach to visual storytelling is intimate while simultaneously giving voice to larger issues that directly affect communities of color. “In our work we try very hard to avoid clichés about our communities and attempt to scratch beneath the surface to where answers are not always easy,” says Brewster.  “We use the art form to explore our ambivalence about issues and question our own and our subjects’ points of comfort.  It is in those grey areas that art is created and where change can be affected for us as individuals as well as for the constantly shifting communities we reside in.”