REACH, the outreach and consulting branch of the Rada Film Group, is dedicated to thinking innovatively about how visual stories can change and address the conversation around racial equity and inclusion globally. Like all projects under the Rada Film Group umbrella, REACH seeks to engage with communities to affect change. Stemming from the intensive five-year (and continuing) outreach campaign with the documentary American Promise, projects under REACH will be privy to the Rada Film Group’s extensive list of organization partners, both locally and nationally, foundations and agencies.

The goal of REACH is to build awareness and foster behavior change with digital media projects and stories. The Rada Film Group has worked on interactive websites, webisodes, mobile platforms, digital art installations, and traditional media including documentaries, short films and PSA campaigns. We are available for consultations on all stages of outreach campaigns: conceptualization, development, implementation and measurement.



PUMA BritDoc Impact Award – Celebrating American Promise as one of the documentary films that have made the greatest impact on society

NAACP Image Award – Outstanding Literary Work (Instructional) for Promises Kept

Finalist, Revere Awards, Association of American Publishers – Teaching Tolerance & American Promise Professional Development guides

For their support of the American Promise campaign, the Ford Foundation received the Woodward A. Wickham Award for Excellence in Media Philanthropy.

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We have partnered with researchers and organizations to develop educational guides for the classroom, organization and community meetings to accompany the digital media.

Please click to download them in PDF form. For deeper discussion, we recommend checking out our store for our publications.

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The American Promise campaign aims to contribute to closing the black male achievement gap in education. Our strategy acknowledges that real solutions to the achievement gap require the active involvement of four key stakeholder groups: young people, parents/caregivers, educators, and policymakers. In partnership with trusted organizations around the country, the American Promise campaign has been engaging these players to take part in conversations and actions around how we can better serve our black boys, ensuring that all of our young people are equipped with the same opportunities to succeed.


Eighty percent of students of color eligible to take advance placement (AP) exams do not enroll. In light of this statistic, REACH is partnering with The College Board on a ​community engagement campaign​ titled, All In. Together ​we​ are creating a series of videos and an outreach campaign to encourage students of color to enroll in AP Classes and sit for AP Exams.


In A Perfect World, is a film exploring all the requisite dynamics of what it’s like to be a man raised by a single mother. As part of REACH, we are using the film to engage in conversations with parents, educators, mental health professionals, and advocacy groups that must navigate the realities of these boy’s lives.